Our library contains over 300 books, which members are welcome to borrow.

Books can be borrowed by members at any of our winter meetings.  In the summer, we keep a smaller selection available at our Association Apiary.  All we ask is that you remember to bring them back as soon as possible so that other members can enjoy them as well.  The table below shows the titles currently held and is searchable.  The list can also be sorted by category, author, etc.

For those beekeepers taking BBKA Module exams we endeavour to keep a supply of text books in stock for your studies.


B/BM Biology/Science/Microscopy
D Diseases
H Honey and products
HW Wax and products
I Insects general
K Beekeeping general
KB Biographies and history
KH Hives and equipment
KL Law
M/MC Fiction/Miscellaneous
ME Medical
OA/OB/OC Old books
P Plants and pollen
QR/QS Queen rearing/Breeding/Swarms
R Research papers/Articles
V Slides/Videos/DVDs

BookletB1574BBKAHoney Bee AnatomyBBKA2016
bookB1451Connor L.J.Bee Sex EssentialsWicwas Press2008
bookB114Dade H.A.Anatomy & Dissection of the HoneybeeIBRA
bookB1572Dade H.A.Anatomy & Dissection of the HoneybeeIBRA2009
platesB1559Dade H.A.Anatomy & Dissection of the Honeybee: dissection platesIBRA2009
bookB1489Davis CeliaThe Honeybee Inside Out (2nd Ed)Bee Craft2011
bookB1413Davis CThe Honeybee Inside OutBeecraft2005
bookB1421Davis CeliaThe HoneyBee Around and AboutBee Craft2007
bookB1555Davis CeliaThe HoneyBee Around and AboutBee Craft2009
bookB1366Free John B.Honeybee BiologyCentral Association of Beekeepers
bookB1449Free John B.Pheromones of Social BeesNBB1987
bookB1448Goodman LForm and Function in the Honey BeeIBRA2003
bookB1558Goodman LForm and Function in the Honey BeeIBRA2012
bookB148Herrod-Hempsall W.The Anatomy, Physiology & Natural History of the Honey BeeBBJ1938
BookB1529Koeniger et alMating Biology of Honey BeesWicwas Press2014
BookB1603Koeniger et alMating Biology of Honey BeesWicwas Press2014
bookB1204Mesquida J.Elements of Genetics with special reference to the beeOPIDA1981
bookletB1281Park R.B.The Dance of the HoneybeeNorthern Bee Books1996
bookB1549RibbandsThe Behaviour and Social Life of HoneybeesNBB/IBRA2016
bookB1553SeeleyFollowing the Wild BeesPrinceton2016
bookB1622SeeleyFollowing the Wild BeesPrinceton2016
bookB1478SeeleyHoneybee DemocracyPrinceton2010
bookB1556SeeleyHoneybee DemocracyPrinceton2010
BookB1613SeeleyThe Lives of BeesPrinceton2019
bookB1454SnodgrassAnatomy of the HoneybeeComstock Pub Assoc1984
bookB1560SnodgrassAnatomy of the HoneybeeForgotten books2012
bookB1503StellUnderstanding Bee AnatomyCatford Press2012
bookB1557StellUnderstanding Bee AnatomyCatford Press2012
bookB1464TautzThe Buzz About BeesSpringer2008
bookB1573TautzThe Buzz About BeesSpringer2008
bookB1255von Frisch K.Bees, Their Chemical Sense & LanguageJonathan Cape1984
bookB1375Von Frisch K.The Dancing BeesMethuen1954
bookB1412Winston MLThe Biology of the HoneybeeHarvard UP1991
bookB1570Winston MLThe Biology of the HoneybeeHarvard UP1991
BookBM1540Chapman NPollen MicroscopyCharlesworth Press2015
BookletBM1593Hodges DPollen Grain DrawingsNBB/IBRA2017
nutshellBM1505Jewell PMicroscopy for BeekeepersNBB
nutshellBM1594Jewell PMicroscopy for BeekeepersNBB nutshell
bookBM1452Manchester Microscopy SocMicroscopy-First Steps into a Secret World1996
BookBM1526MaurerPractical Microscopy for BeekeepersBeeCraft2012
bookBM1372Meyer O.Microscopy on a ShoestringNorthern Bee Books1984
bookBM1495Royle GApis Through the Looking GlassBBNO2010
BookBM1514WoolnoughUnderstanding and using the StereomicroscopeQueckett MC2010
BookBM1530YatesStudy Notes-MicroscopyNBB2014
bookD1393Bailey L & Ball BVHoney Bee PathologyAcademic Press1991
bookD1151Bailey L.Infectious Diseases of the HoneybeeLand Books1963
bookD1582Bailey L.Infectious Diseases of the HoneybeeLand Books1963
BookD1513GregoryHealthy Bees are Happy beesBeeCraft2013
BookD1571GregoryHealthy Bees are Happy beesBeeCraft2013
bookD1270Hansen H.Honeybee Brood DiseasesLaunso, Copenhagen1987
bookD1554HesbachSplits and VarroaNBB2016
BookD1578Martin SJThe Asian HornetIBRA2018
BookD1518McMullanHaving Healthy HoneybeesFIBKA2012
bookD1548McMullanHaving Healthy HoneybeesGenprint2012
bookD1394Morse RA & Flottum KHoney Bee Pests, Predators and DiseasesA. I. Root Co. (3rd Edition)1997
bookD1521SammataroDiagnosing Bee MitesNBB2014
bookD1384Webster TC & Delaplane KS (eds)Mites of the Honey BeeDadant
bookletDC28.4Heath L.A.F.Occurrence & Distribution of Chalkbrood Disease of HoneybeesBee World1985
bookletDC28.3Heath L.A.F.The Chalkbrood EnigmaCentral Assoc. Beekeepers1984
bookletDC49Heath LenDevelopment of Chalk brood in a Honeybee ColonyBee World1982
bookDF383Goodwin M & Van Eaton CElimination of AFB without the use of drugsNational BKA of NZ
bookDI569Hood WMThe Small Hive BeetleNBB2017
bookDV442Benjamin and McCallumA World Without BeesGuardian books2008
bookDV474Carreck (ed)Varroa-Still a Problem in the 21st Century?IBRA2010
bookDV407Goodwin and Van EatonControl of Varroa2007
bookDV4Harnaj E.V. (ed)Varroasis: a Honeybee DiseaseApimondia1977
bookDV102Matheson A. (ed)Living with VarroaIBRA1993
bookDV97Matheson A. (ed)New Perspectives in VarroaIBRA1994
bookDV140Munn P. & Jones R. (eds)Varroa - fight the MiteIBRA1997
bookH1153Bielby W.B.Home Honey ProductionEP Publ1977
bookH1445Briggs MHoney and its many Health BenefitsAbbeydale press2007
bookH112Crane EvaHoney: A Comprehensive SurveyHeinemann1975
bookH1459Flottum KimThe Honey HandbookApple2009
bookH1470HavenhandNatures Golden HealerKC2010
bookH1237Killion E.E.Honey in the CombDadant1981
BookletH1523/9NHS/BrownShowing Honey ProductsNational Honey Show2014
BookletH1523/3NHS/DaviesNational Honey Show Comb Honey for ShowNational Honey Show2014
BookletH1523/2NHS/StoakleyNational Honey Show Beeswax Candles For ShowNational Honey Show2014
BookletH1523/8NHS/SweetProducing Mead for Sowing and DrinkingNational Honey Show2014
BookletH1523/5NHS/TonsleyJudging Honey in the JarNational Honey Show2014
BookletH1523/4NHS/TonsleyNational Honey Show Granulated or Crystallised HoneyNational Honey Show2014
BookletH1523/7NHS/TonsleyPreparation of Liquid HoneyNational Honey Show2014
BookletH1523/6NHS/VickeryManagement, Production & Exhibiting of Heather HoneyNational Honey Show2014
BookletH1523/11Padmore F.Wax for ShowNational Honey Show2014
bookH1398Riches HHoney MarketingBBNO1992
bookH1239Riches H.Honey MarketingBee Books New & Old
bookH1121Rounce J.Honey; from Source to Sale & ShowbenchNorthern Bee Books1990
bookH1104Sawyer R.Honey IdentificationCardiff Academic Press1988
bookH1563ShannonComprehensive Guide to Preparing Exhibits for a Honey ShowNBB2015
bookH1283Tonsley C.Honey for HealthTandem1973
bookletHC235anonHoney CookbookHalifax & Dist BKAundated
BookHC606Coughlin HannahThe Goodness of HoneyKyle Books2018
bookletHC252Dalby B.Honey Microwave CookeryNorthern Bee Books
bookHC551EllisSpoonfuls of HoneyPavilion Books2014
bookHC236Mead R.Honey CookeryNorthern Bee Booksundated
bookHC238White J.Honey in the KitchenBee Books New & Old1978
bookHM2Acton & DuncanMaking MeadAWP1985
bookletHM253Beswick F.Traditional British Honey DrinksHeart of Albion1994
bookletHM240Furness C.Honey Wines and BeersNorthern Bee Books1998
bookHM457RichesMead Making, Exhibiting and JudgingNBB2009
bookHM243Riches H.Mead MakingBee Books New & Old1997
bookHP411Fearnley JBee PropolisSouvenir Press1988
BookHW1585Ahnert PBeeswax AlchemyQuarry2015
BookHW1586Ahnert PBeeswax AlchemyQuarry2015
bookletHW1484AslinBeeswax Skin Creams for Use at HomeBeecraft2010
bookHW1231Berthold R.Jr.Beeswax CraftingWicwas Press1993
bookHW1251Bossom M.Encaustic ArtSearch Press1997
bookHW1156Brown RonBeeswaxBee Books New & Old1994
nutshellHW1244Buckle M.Model Making from Beeswax Sheetsanon
bookletHW1158Calder Margaret (ed)Recipes Using BeeswaxNorthern Bee Books
bookHW1232Coggeshall W.L. & Morse R.A.Beeswax Production, Harvesting, Processing & ProductsWicwas Press1984
bookHW1145Constable DavidCandle-makingSearch Press1992
bookletHW1241Furness C.How to Make Beeswax CandlesBritish Bee Publ
BookHW1562GammonWaxy CornerNBB2016
bookletHW1579Gove RegThe Solar Wax ExtractorNutshell
bookHW1233Guy G.V.Easy to Make CandlesDover1979
bookletHW1485HughesRecycling BeeswaxBeecraft2011
bookHW1249Innes M.The Book of CandlesDorling Kindersley1991
bookHW1250Nicol G.The New Candle BookLorenz1995
bookHW1420Oppenheimer B.The Candlemaker's CompanionStorey2001
A4 notesHW1180Ripley R.Foundation Presslecture notes
bookHW1498RobbBeauty and the BeesNBB2012
bookletHW1247White E.C.Soap RecipesValley Hills Press1995
bookletHW1248White E.C.Super Formulas (Arts and Crafts)Valley Hills Press1993
bookI1278Alford D.V.Provisional Atlas of the Insects of the British Isles Part 3 BumblebeesBee Research Association1973
bookI1620Alford D.V.The Life of the BumblebeeNBB1978
bookI1365Alford. D. V.The Life of the BumblebeeDavis-Poynter1978
bookI1614Bunker SarahThe Asian Hornet HandbookPsocid Press2019
bookI1477Carreck and JohnsonAspects of Sociality in InsectsCABK2007
bookI1567GoulsonA Buzz in the MeadowCape2014
bookI1508GoulsonA Sting in the TaleCape2013
BookI1592Goulson DBee QuestCape2017
bookletI1487Intenthron & GerrardMaking Nests for BumblebeesIBRA1999
bookI1368Latter O. H.Bees and WaspsCambridege Univ Press1913
bookI1621LindauerCommunication Among Social BeesHarvard UP1978
bookI1370Mace H.Some Other BeesHutchinson
bookIB5Butler ColinThe World of the HoneybeeCollins1974
bookIB69Cooper B.A.The Honeybees of the British IslesBIBBA1986
bookIB583Evans and EberhardThe WaspsDavid and Charles Ltd1973
bookIB16Free John B.Bees & MankindGeorge Allen & Unwin1982
bookIB134Free John B.The Social Organisation of Honey BeesNorthern Bee Books1977
bookIB172Khalifman I.BeesForeign Lang Publ Moscow1951
bookIB215Mace H.A Book about the BeeHutchinson
bookIB128Metcalf F.H.The Bee CommunityBeecraft1948
BookIB85O'Toole & RawBees of the WorldBlandford1991
bookIB418Prys JonesBumblebees
bookIB214Ruttner F., Milner E. & Dews J.E.The Dark European Honey BeeBIBBA1990
bookIB417Sladen F.W.L.The Humble BeeLogaston Press
bookIB37Teale E.W.The Golden ThrongRobert Hale1942
bookIB41Wadey H.J.The Behaviour of BeesBee Craft1948
bookK153Aebi O.& H.Mastering the Art of Beekeeping Vol 1Prism1982
bookK154Aebi O.& H.Mastering the Art of Beekeeping Vol 2Prism1982
bookletK1263.1Allan M.Beekeepers ToolboxNorthern Bee Books1995
bookletK1263.4Allan M.Fun with BeesNorthern Bee Books1995
bookletK1263.2Allan M.ManipulationsNorthern Bee Books1995
bookletK1263.3Allan M.Starting OutNorthern Bee Books1995
bookK1467Aston and BucknallKeeping Healthy Honey BeesNBB2010
bookK1566BadgerHeather Honey - A Comprehensive GuideBee Craft2016
bookK1617Basterfield et alThe Healthy Hive GuideIBRA2019
BookletK1576BBKAFeeding Honey BeesBBKA2017
bookletK1597BBKAFeeding Honey BeesBBKA2017
bookletK1598BBKAFeeding Honey BeesBBKA2017
BookletK1577BBKAGeneral HusbandryBBKA2017
bookletK1595BBKAGeneral HusbandryBBKA2017
BookletK1575BBKAIn the Apairy - a month by month guideBBKA2017
bookK1465BeecraftBeecraft Apiary GuideBeecraft2007
bookK1453Benjamin and McCallumKeeping Bees and Making HoneyDavid and Charles Ltd2008
BookK1610Blackiston HBeekeeping for DummiesBlackiston2009
nutshellK1506BoysListen to the BeesNBB (Nutshell)2012
bookK1113Brown RonBeekeeping: A Seasonal GuideBatsford1985
bookK1608Brown RonBeekeeping: A Seasonal Guide (2010 edition)Batsford2010
bookK1234Brown RonEconomical BeekeepingRHBrown1995
bookK166Brown RonHoney Bees: a Guide to ManagementCrowood1988
bookK1552CalderOilseed Rape and BeesNBB1986
bookK163CampionBees at the Bottom of the GardenA and C Black2001
bookK1435CampionBees at the Bottom of the Garden2001
bookK1469CollinsBeekeepers BibleCollins2010
bookK1527ConradNatural BeekeepingNBB2013
BookK110Couston RobertPrinciples of Practical Beekeepingunstated1972
bookK1466CrampA Practical Manual of BeekeepingSpring Hill2008
bookK1533CrampBeekeeping -A Beginner's Guide2012
bookK1414Cramp DThe Beekeepers Field GuideBassdrum Books1999
BookK115Crane EvaBees & BeekeepingHenemann Newnes1990
bookK1246Croft L.R.Profitable BeekeepingElmwood1986
bookK1531Crowder and HarrellTop Bar Beekeeping
bookK1491Davis and Cullum-KenyonThe BBKA Guide to BeekeepingBloomsbury2012
bookK1399De Bruyn CPractical BeekeepingCrowood1997
bookK1400De Bruyn CPractical BeekeepingCrowood1997
bookK1301Deans A.S.C.Beekeeping TechniquesOliver & Boyd1963
bookK1568DiemarBees and BeekeepingMerehurst Press1988
bookK1416Evans JThe Complete Guide to BeekeepingBees and Things1977
bookK158Field O.Honey by the TonBarn Owl1983
bookK1404Flottum KimBeekeeping-The completeand easy GuideApple2014
bookK1541Flottum KimBetter BeekeepingQuarry Books2011
bookletK1482GibbSetting Up and Managing an Apiary SiteBeecraft2011
bookK1581GouldThe Honey BeeScientific American Library1988
bookK113Graham J. (ed)Beekeeping : Questions & AnswersDadant1978
BookK1142Graham J. (ed)The Hive and the Honey BeeDadant
BookK1611Head VivianKeeping Bees: Looking after an ApiaryAura2011
bookK1497HeafThe Bee-friendly BeekeeperNBB2010
bookK1607HooperGuide to Bees and Honey (4th ed)NBB2010
bookK1476HooperGuide to Bees and Honey (5th ed)NBB2010
BookK1587Hooper TGuide to Bees and HoneyNBB2010
bookK121Howe R.J. & W.E.Practical BeekeepingSaiga1977
bookK1141Johannson T.S.K. & M.P.Some Important Operations in Bee ManagementIBRA1978
bookK178Mace HerbertComplete Handbook of BeekeepingWard Lock1976
bookK1371Manley R. O. B.Honey Production in the British IslesFaber & Faber1946
bookK1308Manley R.O.B.Bee-Keeping in BritainFaber & Faber1948
bookK1402Melzer WBeekeepingBarron's
BookK132More DaphneThe History & Natural History of the HoneybeeDavid & Charles1978
nutshellK1507MorrisRecord Keeping for BeekeepersNBB2012
bookK1373Morse R. & Hooper. T.The Illustrated Encylopedia of BeekeepingBlandford1985
bookK1479PeacockKeeping Bees-A Complete Practical GuideBounty2008
bookK1550RichardsBeekeeping for BeginnersNBB2014
bookK1184Root A.I.The ABC & XYZ of Bee CultureA.I.Root Co1966
BookK1591Shaw WThere are Queen Cells in my HiveNBB2018
BookK1584Sommerville D. et alA Practical Guide Handbook to Healthy HoneybeesNSW Australia2016
bookK1499Stiglitz & HerboldsheimerThe Complete Idiot's Guide to BeekeepingAlpha2010
bookK1352Storch H.At the Hive EntranceEuropean Apicultural Editions1985
bookK1307Tinsley J.BeekeepingE.H.Taylor1945
bookK140Wadey H.J.The Bee CraftsmanBee Craft1949
bookK1543Waring A and CHaynes Bee ManualHaynes2015
bookK1544Waring A and CHaynes Bee ManualHaynes2015
bookK1623Waring A and CHaynes Bee ManualHaynes2015
bookK1624Waring A and CHaynes Bee ManualHaynes2015
bookK1119Waring A.Better Beginnings for Beekeepers
bookK1488Waring A.and CHaynes Bee ManualHaynes2011
bookK1463WarreBeekeeping for AllNBB2007
bookK1194Wedmore E.B.A Manual of BeekeepingEdward Arnold1945
bookK1619Whitaker John MOn the Keeping of BeesNBB2019
bookK1475Williams JStartingOut With BeesBeeCraft2010
bookK1535WoottonBeekeeping-A Novice's GuideBeecraft
BookK1511Yates J.D and B.DBeekeeping Study Notes Modules 1,2 and 3 (2nd Edition)BBNO2013
bookK1512Yates J.D and B.DBeekeeping Study Notes Modules 5,6,7 and 8(2nd Edition)BBNO2010
bookK186Yates J.D.Nudge Nudge, Hint HintNorthern Bee Books1992
bookK1434Yates JD & BDBeekeeping Study Notes (2nd Ed)BBNO1991
bookK1390Yates JD & BDBeekeeping Study Notes (Basic Certificates)BBNO1991
bookK1391Yates JD & BDBeekeeping Study Notes (Modules 1, 2, 3, 4)BBNO1991
bookK1392Yates JD & BDBeekeeping Study Notes (Modules 5, 6, 7, 8)BBNO1991
BookK2612Whitaker John MThe Ethics of BeekeepingNBB2018
bookKB13Adam BrotherBeekeeping at Buckfast AbbeyBritish Bee Publ.1975
bookKB1377Adam BrotherIn Search of the Best Strains of BeesNorthern Bee Books1983
bookKB1256Brown RonGreat Masters of BeekeepingBee Books New & Old1994
bookKB1564Butler CThe Feminine Monarchie (1623)NBB2017
BookKB188Buzzard C.N.Shining HoursCollins1946
bookKB191Crane EvaThe Archaeology of BeekeepingIBRA1983
bookKB1166Fraser H. MalcolmHistory of Beekeeping in BritainBee Research Assoc.1958
BookKB1408Graham J. (ed)The Hive and the HoneybeeDadant1860
bookKB1217Guilfoyle J.L.Beekeepers I have knownGuilfoyle1977
bookKB1536JohnstonA Nomad Amongst the BeesNBB1995
bookKB1525MolonyNotes from a Clifftop ApiaryNBB2014
bookKB1534NordhausA Beekeeper's Lament2011
bookKB1615Notley FAThe Bras and the BeesScryfa2019
bookKB1500OgdenIn Pursuit of Liquid GoldBBNO2001
BookKB1519PicklesBeekeeping in WharfedaleNBB2010
BookKB1510RawsonThe World of a Bee FarmerNBB2008
bookKB1492Robson W.S.Reflections on BeekeepingNBB2011
bookKB1127Simmins S.A Modern Bee FarmSimmins1928
bookKB1522Winston MLBee Time-Lessons from The HiveHarvard UP2014
pamphletKH1149Advisory Leaflet No.18BBKA Hive Plan No.2 Double Walled HiveBBKA
bookKH1403Alston FrankSkeps-Their History, Making and UseNBB1987
pamphletKH1150anonBBKA Double walled hivefor BBKAundated
bookletKH1406BrekelmansSkep MakingBBNO2000
bookKH1415Chapman NConstructive BeekeepingCMI Publishing
bookletKH1473Chapman NHow to Make a Warming CabinetBee craft
bookletKH1483Chapman NOpen Mesh Floors
bookKH1486DartingtonNew Beekeeping in a Long Deep HiveBBNO
bookKH1345Dugat Fr.M. trans Reeves N.C.The Scyscraper HiveFaber & Faber1947
bookletKH1304Foster A.M.Bee Boles & Bee HousesShire Publ2010
bookKH196Heath LenA Case of HivesBee Books New & Old1985
bookKH1545LintonThe Observation Hive HandbookHoneytongue Press2015
pamphletKH1177MAFFThe WBC HiveHMSO1955
pamphletKH1227MAFF Bulletin 144BeehivesHMSO1952
manualKH1277P.A.M. (ed)Varroa Mesh Floors (incl drawings)Northern Bee Books1993
bookletKH1517RichmondHow to Make a Solar ExtractorBee Craft2013
nutshellKH1537Showler KarlSkep Making-Hints on theArt and Mystery ofNBB
bookKH165Showler KarlThe Observation HiveBee Books New & Old1985
bookKH1509SladeWhy not Top Bar Hives?NBB2013
bookKH1264Taylor F.A.Make Yourself a Nucleus HiveTaylor1990
manualKH1208Walsh F.National Hive DrawingsBIBBA folder 201978
bookKH1542Webster and CaronObservation HivesA I Root2007
BookKH142Wedmore E.B.The Ventilation of Bee-hivesBee Craft1947
bookKH1419Wilson BThe HiveJohn Murray2004
bookKH1458Yates J.D.Beekeeping Equipment (caveat emptor)NBB2009
bookletKL135.2DARG Pamphlet BThe Beeway CodeDevon Apicultural Research Group1984
bookKL120Frimston & SmithBeekeeping & the Law-Swarms & Neighbours1993
bookKL618Sweeney NoelBees at LawAlibi2017
bookM1167Grant D.White Goats & Black BeesMichael Joseph1975
bookM1481MagillMeditation and the Art of BeekeepingLeaping Hare Press2010
bookM1461Monk KiddThe Secret Life of Beesreview2002
BookM1436Moore Ede PiersHoney and DustBloomsbury2005
BookM1480TurnbullThe Bad Beekeepers Clubsphere2010
bookMC1100Buckle M.Do You Know About Bees?BBNO1993
bookMC1433Claybourne A.How Do Bees Make Honey?Usborne
bookMC1367Free John B.HoneybeesA & C Black1978
bookMC1106Hawcock & MontgomeryBee (Bouncing Bugs)Tango1994
bookMC1401Jeunesse G et alThe BeeMoonlight Publ
bookMC1355Owsianska M.The Legend of the HivePagoda2000
bookMC152Sinclair W.Life of the Honey-beeLadybird1969
bookMC1565SochaThe Book of BeesThames and Hudson2017
BookMC1376Williams. K.The Bee Box BookJonathon Cape1984
bookletME254Croft L.R.Allergy to Bee StingsBee Books New & Old1988
DVDME1387Cherbuliez TMedicine from BeesApimondia
bookletME1258Croft L.R.Honey and Hay FeverUniv Salford1990
bookME1257Mraz C.Health and the HoneybeeQueen City Publ1995
bookME1388Riches HMedical Aspects of BeekeepingHR Books2000
bookME161Riches H.R.Hypersensitivity to Bee VenomIBRA (from Bee World)1996
bookletME1259Riches H.R.C.Recent Problems in the Treatment of Bee Venom AllergyCentral Association1990
bookOA93WildmanA Treatise on the Management of Bees 1770
bookOB300Lubbock J.Ants, Bees and WaspsKegan, Paul, Trench and Co1982
bookOC76Herrod W.Producing, Preparing, Exhibiting & Judging Bee ProduceBBJ1912
bookOC81Maeterlinck M.The Life of the BeeGeorge Allen & Sons1906
bookOC29Miller C.50 years Among the BeesA.I.Root1915
bookOC44Taylor R.The Joys of BeekeepingSt. Martins1974
bookP1405Aston and BucknallPlants and HoneybeesNBB2014
bookP1524Aston and BucknallPlants and HoneybeesNBB2014
BookP1154Binding G.J.About PollenThorsons1980
bookP1616Goulson DThe Garden JungleJohathan Cape2019
bookletP1501HodgesThe Pollen Grain Drawings of Dorothy HodgesIBRA2009
bookP1441Hooper and TaylorThe Bee Friendly GardenAlphabet and Image2006
bookP1532Kessler and HarleyPollen-Hidden Sexuality of FlowersPapadakis2014
BookP1105KirkA Colour Guide to Pollen Loads of the Honey BeeI.B.R.A.1994
bookP1504Kirk and HowesPlants for BeesIBRA2012
bookP1496Little MPlants and Planting Plans for a Bee GardenSpring Hill2012
bookP1494Little MThe Bee GardenSpring2011
bookP1361MaceBees , Flowers and Fruit
bookP199Matheson A.Forage for Bees in an Agricultural LandscapeI.B.R.A.1994
bookP1450Percival M.SFloral BiologyPergamon1965
bookP1502Sawyer R.Pollen Identification for BeekeepersNBB2006
bookP1609Sawyer R.Pollen Identification for BeekeepersNBB1981
bookletP1523/10Sawyer R.The Study of PollenNational Honey Show2014
bookP1271Scott-Dupree et alA Guide to Managing Bees for PollinationCanadian APA1995
bookletQR472BadgerHorsley BoardBeecraft
bookQR268Berry J.Queen Rearing with SimplicityBerryundated
bookletQR123BIBBABee Breeding & Queen RearingBIBBA1947
bookQR275Bonney et alQueen ManagementA.I. Root1995
bookletQR157Brown RonA Simple Two-queen systemBrown1980
bookQR422Brown RonManaging MininucsBrown1998
bookQR539Connor L.J.Increase EssentialsWicwas Press2014
bookQR602Connor L.J.Increase EssentialsWicwas Press2014
bookQR348Cook V.Queen Rearing SimplifiedBritish Bee Publ1986
bookletQR353DARGQueen RearingDARG1998
bookQR202Dews J.E. & Milner E.Breeding Better Bees using simple modern methodsBIBBA1993
bookQR164Dublon C. & P.Practical Queen RearingDublon & Sons1987
bookQR350Fert G. trans Riley & GreenheadBreeding QueensOPIDA1997
bookletQR456FieldField Notes on Queen RearingIBRA2008
bookletQR273Field M.Beautiful Queens and Honey Too!Northern Bee Books1994
BookQR547Harden BSome alternative pathways - Hesitant Queen RearerNBB2014
BookQR588Harden BSome alternative pathways - Hesitant Queen RearerNBB2014
BookQR599Holm EigilQueen Breeding and GeneticesNorthern Bee Books2017
bookletQR210Jenkins G.Queen Rearing Jenkins WayBIBBA1984
bookQR23LaidlawContemporary Queen RearingDadant1979
bookQR347Laidlaw H.H.Instrumental Insemination of Honey BeesDadant1978
bookQR385Laidlaw HHJr & Page REJrQueen Rearing and Bee BreedingWicwas Press1977
bookQR600Laidlaw HHJr & Page REJrQueen Rearing and Bee BreedingWicwas Press1977
book + CDQR520MinesotaSuccessful Queen RearingMinnesota Extension Service2006
A4 bookletQR209Mobus & van Praagh (eds)Pedigree Bee Breeding in Western EuropeBIBBA1983
bookletQR47Mobus BernhardMating in MiniatureBIBBA1983
bookQR267Morse R.A.Rearing Queen HoneybeesWicwas Press1994
bookQR203Ruttner F.Breeding Techniques and Selection for BreedingBIBBA1988
BookQR590Shaw WSimple Methods of Making IncreaseNBB2015
bookletQR211Smailes R.Raise Your Own Queens by the punched cell methodBIBBA Leaflet 101997
bookQR55Snelgrove L.E.Queen RearingSnelgrove & Smith1981
bookQR191Snelgrove L.E.The Introduction of Queen BeesMiss I. Snelgrove1948
bookQR605Sommerville D. et alQueen Bee BreedingNSW Australia2016
bookQR528WiddicombeThe Principles of Bee ImprovementNBB2015
bookQR601WiddicombeThe Principles of Bee ImprovementNorthern Bee Books2015
bookQR455WoodwardQueen Bee: Biology, Rearing and BreedingNB2009
bookQR604WoodwardQueen Bee: Biology, Rearing and BreedingNB2009
BookQS279Davis G.Beekeeping in the Swarming SeasonDavis1980
bookQS538RepaskySwarm EssentialsWicwas Press2014
A4 notesQS182Ripley R.How to Avoid Increaselecture notes1995
BookQS589Shaw WAn Apiary Guide to Swarm ControlNBB2015
bookQS36Snelgrove L.E.Swarming: Its Control & PreventionSnelgrove & Smith1981
paperR1361Carreck N.L.Recent Research on varroa & viruses at RothamstedBeekeeping
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