Aims and Objectives

west cornwall beekeepers training apiaryWest Cornwall Beekeepers’ Association aim is to provide educational opportunities for the public and beekeepers in the amazing world of apiculture. We do this by providing a range of different types of learning opportunities for our members and the public.

We hold meetings throughout the winter for new and existing beekeepers alike. We run a series of “Better Beekeeping” sessions once a month, which takes newer beekeepers through a range of different topics – providing basic information to get them started and taking them through their first few seasons. We also run a series of meetings which give a broader view of beekeeping. Topics have included deformed wing virus, hygienic bees, products of the hive, local ecology projects, the view from the wider farming industry, experts on the Asian Hornet.

We run a swarm collection service to the public – collecting swarms where we can, and providing advice when we are unable to retrieve them.

We have an Asian Hornet Action Team, which provides information and advice to beekeepers and the public about the threat of this non-native species.

We give talks to local community groups and schools. We also attend local and regional shows, – the Royal Cornwall Show, Food and Farming, the Kehelland Apple Day for example, providing general information and advice to the public about how to support all pollinators – including honey bees. We are members of the British Beekeepers’ Association (BBKA), and attend meetings of the South West Beekeepers Forum (SWBKF).

west cornwall beekeeper with frame of beesWe take education very seriously, and promote best practice in beekeeping. Our education programme has an an emphasis on continual learning, encouraging beekeepers to have the highest possible husbandry standards. We run courses, encourage participation in the BBKA education programme, hold practical sessions at our training apiary throughout the summer.

Our Association prides itself on being well run and we make great efforts to support all our members. The networking opportunities provided by our activites help create a vibrant and well supported organisation – welcoming to everyone.


WCBKA is a registered charity, and as such, abides by the laws governing charitable organisations. To this end, we have a range of policies and procedures to support the effective running of the Association. Copies of our constitution and policies are available here, and are reviewed on a regular basis.

Charity Number 800278