Chy Vellan 18th May


It’s All About The Queen Another gloriously sunny and warm day, putting the bees and Heather and me in good humour for the start of the afternoon’s work. Hawthorn in full flower and brambles starting to do their stuff. What could go wrong…. Just a [...]

Chy Vellan 18th May2020-05-31T16:57:55+01:00

Chy Vellan 11th May


Another perfect sunny day down at the apiary — apart from a capricious cold wind, which intermittently annoyed the bees. The snow, swirling in the wind and covering the ground, on closer observation was merely an abundance of falling seeds from all the willows around, [...]

Chy Vellan 11th May2020-05-31T17:10:21+01:00

Chy Vellan Report for 4th May 2020 from Phil Green


Monday’s rota saw Keren and me at Chy Vellan carrying out hive inspections at WCBKA’s apiary. As the hives are being tended on a rota basis, it really is important that good, clear, accurate records are being kept. Anne has designed the rota to ensure [...]

Chy Vellan Report for 4th May 2020 from Phil Green2020-05-07T15:58:42+01:00

Tales from Chy Vellan 14th April 2020


My turn to go to the apiary this week with Graham Caines. Monday 13th was a gorgeous day, and CV is always a sun trap – so all set for a pleasant afternoon beekeeping. The apiary looked very tidy – Anne and Jenny have been [...]

Tales from Chy Vellan 14th April 20202020-04-15T15:37:38+01:00

Apiary News 4th April 2020


Members might be wondering what has been and is happening at our apiary! Well, during the winter, I visit the apiary every 10 days or so, to check on the hives and feed fondant if necessary, but this year it was mainly to make sure [...]

Apiary News 4th April 20202020-04-15T15:35:55+01:00
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