Beginners’ Practical Course, Chy Vellan 2020

As part of the restructuring of the Association’s training and learning programme, West Cornwall BKA is offering a Beginners’ Practical Course at Chy Vellan in 2020.

This practical course is designed to build on theory gained at our winter Better Beekeeping sessions, or at Colin Rees’s theory course or Rodger Dewhurst’s Rosewarne course if the practical element was not attended. The rationale is to give the practical handling experience which has not been gained in those courses.

It is also aimed at those who have done our Introduction to Beekeeping course, to those members who have managed their own bees for less than 12 months and who have not done any course, as well as those who have had no previous instruction.

After having done this Beginners’ Practical Course, members will be able to join the Novices stream at the apiary sessions at Chy Vellan on Mondays, as explained in February An Hes. The Novices stream is designed to get members’ competence to the level at which they could pass the Basic assessment.

The course will be run over six sessions on Saturdays, 1-3 pm, starting on 25th April and, although there will be a theoretical component to each session, the emphasis will be on practical handling on an open hive.

The course fee is £50 (£20 for those who have already done our Introduction to Beekeeping course) and student numbers will be limited. If you are interested in attending this course or if you have any queries, please email Anne McQuade.